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Kane: Y’know, it was in the script, Eliot does not look at Hardison when he goes in the pool. You know how hard that was to do even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to do it but just to not watch him go in the water right here?

JR: Also, because, it’s your friend Aldis getting pushed in the pool.

Kane: It’s my friend Aldis, exactly. And he’s handcuffed to a chair!

JR: That is actually Aldis handcuffed to a chair going in the goddamned pool.


If you think misandry doesn’t exist, you’re wrong.

If you think men cannot be feminists, you’re wrong.

If you think misogyny is only for men, you’re wrong.

If you think that some 5,000-word post on Tumblr counts as a Scientific Journal or Investigative report, you’re wrong.

If you fall for fallacies of logic and into the well of ignorance, entitlement, and self pity, then you are no better than those who you claim to hate.

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