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merlessugartits said: That is so annoying. My first hockey game I knew NOTHING, but I watched it and still got so into it and loved it (even though I still dont know all the rules). Why waste your time when you are there with action like that right in front of you?

I’m pretty quiet during the games when the puck is just moving.  I usually only get noisy when they score, there is a fight, or they are trying to get the crowd pumped up.  My first game was when I was a kid and I didn’t ask any questions until after the game.  I don’t mind occasional questions or chatter, as long as it’s about the actual game and you aren’t talking louder than the drunks.

Went to the hockey game tonight (we won) and decided this should be a new rule…

If you know nothing about hockey but go to a game anyway, you are not allowed to spend the entire game talking about your annoying teachers/co-workers, complaining about some house party you are being “forced” to go to, discussing the rules of football, or comparing being at a hockey game to the fucking US Open.  Yes, at the US Open you get headphones to hear the commentators…they don’t need that in hockey.   LOOK AT THE FUCKING ICE AND FIGURE IT OUT!!

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